Monday, June 4, 2012


A few weeks ago -- OK, maybe more than a month ago -- I went to an art exhibit by Christophe Gosselin. Well, the man has long gone back home and is already sipping his cabernet sauvignon  while staring out over the Parisian rooftops, but here I am: finally posting about his art.

It was pretty cool art though. Nice and colorful, and with a good story -- just the way I like it.

Here's the artist himself (on the right), in front of a display of his work.

"Chinese woman with paint and easel." No, I just made that up. But what was so cool about the art was that it is made on old Chinese newspapers. The new image on top builds on and uses elements of the article in the background.

I was not kidding about the Parisian roof tops. Before coming to China, Gosselin had first tried the "draw-on-old-newspaper" technique on some old newspapers that he found as insulation in the walls of his artist studio in Paris. (Maybe it's a bit more chilly up there since his discovery?)

Back to the Chinese-style art. (This guy could be French though, if the French ever won a metal at the Olympics. Did they?)

This one is my favorite. The newspaper article is about the Long March that Mao Zedong undertook before he became China's new fearless leader. The lamp is shown in one of the photos on the page, and on the bottom left you can see the map of the loooooong march.

I think this one means: Be careful boy: study hard, and you won't have to write blogs when you grow up.

In het Nederlands: Het kostte even wat tijd voordat er weer een blog post was, en dan is het ook nog oud nieuws! Maar kunst is tijdloos, dus geniet maar even van het werk van de Fransman Christophe Gosselin. Zijn werk is geinspireerd door oude kranten en was even op bezoek in Beijing..