Thursday, June 26, 2014

A new graduate!

If his mom hadn't been such a slacker, you would have found out weeks ago: Simon is a new "Western Academy of Beijing Fifth Grade Graduate"! Woohoo. The blue t-shirt (and some academic credit) is proof: Next year Simon is going to Middle School.
As parents, we were treated to a nice assembly, where we reviewed the fifth grade accomplishments this year (camp...some school work...personal project, and.. oh another camp). Afterwards we had a good lunch in the gym (now, that is a reason to go to the gym!), at which we as parents all congratulated ourselves with getting the kids this far without us getting any older. :)
The Fifth Grade Graduation Assembly at WAB, one of Beijing's many international schools.
(Hhm, not the best picture quality, is it?)
Simon and his friends--some other successful graduates, woohoo!
Never to old for balloons!
Family selfie.
In het Nederlands: Simon heeft onlangs z'n Fifth Grade afgemaakt en rond daarmee de Elementary School (basisschool) hier af. Volgend jaar gaat hij dan naar Middle School (en over drie jaar naar High School). Felicitaties!

The bus stop challenge

When you think about China, you might think of ancient mysteries, about temples shrouded in clouds and kongfu masters in praying mantis position. However, the daily mystery boils down to this: Where is the bus going and at what time? Four years in China, and I still don't have a better idea then just to ask the folks at the bus stop and hope for the best.

Pray tell, when is the bus leaving today?

In het Nederlands: Het bordje bij de bushalte: het daaglijks mysterie is hier soms erg groot!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Sometimes a blog dies a silent death...and sometimes your family (hi mom!) reminds you that it would be nice if there was another post.
Today my mom actually called me to tell me she received my post card from Shanghai, which goes to show that China's regular mail service is done by snail since I visited Shanghai already in early May. In addition to the paper post cards, here are two quick images of the city of rain.
The Pearl Tower in Dutch weather.
Hanging out at "the Bund." Only the Dutch would consider a biking tour in these conditions.