Friday, March 5, 2010

One More Point on the Map

Today we learned that Simon and Thomas will be going to the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB). It's a great school -- or so they say -- a little bit outside Beijing on the East side of town. So... that's one more point on the map. Now we know where Paul's work will be (World Bank Office at the China World Trade Center) and where school is. Next up: Where will we live?

Funnily enough we already applied for WAB before we visited Beijing. Encouraged by our friends and contacts there and in DC who all were very enthusiastic about the school, we simply submitted a pile of application forms and letters of recommendation by Simon's and Thomas' teachers, and then just hoped for the best. That was back in January already. When we visited Beijing last month, we got to see the school in person, and it really is a wonderful school. The parents love the curriculum and the green campus, and the kids love the pool, soccer field and indoor gym. We also saw a few other schools in Beijing we really liked, but when WAB came back and actually offered the boys a spot, we just didn't think about it anymore and accepted them. Hurrah, one decision made! (218 to go.)

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