Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome to Beijing Sing-a-long

Unbelievable, they must have known we were coming, already in 2008. I found this clip today and while of course You Tube tells me I am number 60,960 watching it, I loved it and thought it was just forme. I hope these cute guys are still around singing on the streets when I get to Beijing :-) Characters for the first few lines are below, if you want to sing along.

迎接另一个晨曦 带来全新空气 
气息改变情味不变 茶香飘满情谊 
我家大门常打开 开放怀抱等你 
拥抱过就有了默契 你会爱上这里 
不管远近都是客人 请不用客气 

(By the way, this clip does tell me the Chinese have secretly been watching the European song festival for years and have completely mastered the art. China, what are you leaving for other countries to dominate the world in?)

Zaijian Beijing - I look forward to being welcomed by you soon.

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