Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sauerkraut with Chopsticks

After a day of politics, let's go back to some more domestic issues.

Our lovely ayi, ms. Li, who runs the household and makes sure we have clean clothes to wear, does everything (well... not mopping the floor) with chopsticks. She cooks and stirs with chopsticks, and eats rice, noodles, but also things like pizza and cake with chopsticks.

Recently I made a Dutch dish with sauerkraut (zuurkoolstampot uit de oven), which she thought was delicious and of course... ate with chopsticks. (Sauerkraut by the way, turns out to be easily available here, as the Chinese eat it themselves. Suan cai (酸菜, translated as sour cabbage, or zure kool) is what it is called. Easy peasy!

In het Nederlands: De foto spreekt misschien al voor zich: Onze hulp in huis, de ayi zoals dat hier heet, kookt, roert en eet altijd met stokjes. Zelfs de zuurkoolstampot die ik gemaakt had werd met stokjes naar binnen "gelepeld". Chinezen eten ook zuurkool (suan cai) dus het is altijd makkelijk te vinden.

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