Wednesday, May 25, 2011


On the night the world was--again--coming to an end, last Saturday May 21, I was dancing the night away on the Great Wall.

Personally, I can't think of a better way to experience the end of times. (The Wall wasn't any good though at keeping the barbarians from the north out of China, so it probably would not have been much help if the world had indeed come to an end.)

In any case, the point (if there is any) of today's post is that it is so funny how really special things, like the Great Wall, can become so normal after a while. Going to the Wall has become as normal as biking by the White House is in Washington, or as common as seeing tulips in Holland. I hope this doesn't sound like bragging; it's just that each place has its own interesting things and people will travel from all over the world to see them. But once you live there, you can experience them so differently.

We've been to the Great Wall a couple times now over the last few weeks. It's simply a great place for a hike, and only an hour away from our home.

The two boys running on the Great Wall.

It was hot a couple weeks ago, so the kids played for a while inside one of the watch towers.

A nice hiking trail up to the wall. We "discovered" this path a few weeks ago, and it is fantastic. It turns out you don't need to go past all the tourist buses; you can just walk up this trail and you are there.

Guess who...

I am trying the under-20-years-old style of posing for pictures. Since I am only 24, I think that is still allowed.

The black-tie dinner and dancing last Saturday. Can you see the end of the world is nigh?

Another picture of the end of the world.

I honestly do not remember who these guys on the left and right are. They must have been standing there for quite a while.

In het Nederlands: Het is zo grappig dat als je ergens langer woont, heel bijzondere dingen toch vrij normaal worden. Wie kijkt er in Nederland nog op van een bos tulpen? Hier gaan we nu vaker bij de Chinese muur wandelen, dat is gewoon het gebied waar je vanuit de stad makkelijk komt. Afgelopen zaterdag hadden we zelfs een etentje bovenop de muur. Ik kan niet klagen over mijn nieuwe woonomgeving.

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  1. I'm deeply jealous that you guys can get away to such nice greenery. By the way, way down here, people do the little "two finger" cute photo pose with the fingers up right next to their face... they seem to do it a little bit less these days. some people have implied there is a playful aggro aspect, like something a wrestler or boxer would do about how he's gonna whoop you, or something.