Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Draw a Panda in 10 Easy Steps-by Simon

1. Take a piece of paper.

2. Make an "open nine."

3. Turn your paper.

4. Draw the eyes.

5. Draw the nose.

6. Make two dots for the ears.

7. Draw one leg.

8. Draw the other leg. This one goes across the body.

9. Draw the hind leg.

10. Draw four claws on each paw. Your panda is finished!

If you want to make your panda happy, draw a line of rectangles for the bamboo.

Add lines on top of the bamboo sections.

Add branches with leaves. Each branch has three leaves.

Draw more branches and leaves.

Give your panda an extra bamboo plant. Then sit back and admire your work. 

Here's the artist himself.

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