Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dutch "Prinsjesdag" in Beijing

About two weeks ago, on Wednesday September 17, Thomas went on a field trip with a few other Dutch kids from school to the Dutch embassy. Just the day before it had been "Prinsjesdag," an important day for the Dutch government on which the king or queen of the Netherlands, currently King Willem Alexander, addresses the Dutch parliament with a "Speech from the Throne" (Troonrede).
For Thomas I bet the highlight was the sausage rolls and raisin buns for lunch, or perhaps even a short chat with Dutch ambassador Aart Jacobi. 
Thomas as the third "yellow" kid from the right, next to the platter with raisin buns.
Thomas and a friend in yellow. (Hhm, was he supposed to wear orange that day?) The yellow outfits are the school P.E. uniforms.
In het Nederlands: Thomas was laatst even op bezoek bij de Nederlandse ambassade in Beijing. Nou komen we daar wel vaker, voor een paspoort, Sinterklaas of Koningsdag, maar niet altijd krijgen we dan een krentebol!

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