Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Robust Growth and Totally Fine! Hilarity!

When I moved to China five years ago, somewhere in the first week I bought this bath towel. It amused me to no end to see the text "Robust Growth + Totally Fine + Robust Growth..." at the bottom of it. Or the "Lapse of Time" and "Hilarity" slogans across the picture. What on earth could it mean? Five years later I still can't work out how something like this even gets printed and produced. Is it just a bad translation of a Chinese towel print?

In any case, despite the "Lapse of Time," I never used the towel, and two weeks ago offered it up at a yard sale. It was snapped up immediately!

Our yard sale in general was a big success. We sold lots of old puzzles (including a puzzle we had borrowed from a friend; oops), Pokémon cards, a pair of flippers, old cables and CDs, a pre-historic PlayStation, and some books the kids had rejected.

Someone's trash is another person's treasure!

Thomas says goodbye to his old bike.

We hired batman to do the sales. (That, or we had some old batman masks to sell...)


Not bat business!


Only the car is not for sale.
In het Nederlands: Een paar zaterdagen geleden deden we mee met een "yard sale". We verkochten wat spullen die of te oud of te lelijk waren, of waar de kinderen niks meer mee wouden doen. Het is nog best ontnuchterend om te zien hoe sommige (ooit) geliefde spullen totaal niet interessant zijn voor anderen!


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