Monday, December 20, 2010

Sanlitun 三里屯

Last week -- in addition to Li's cuisine and the gingerbread disaster -- I also found some time to go out.

On Friday evening, some other hip moms and I went out dancing in Sanlitun (三里屯), or San-li-turrrr, as the Beijing folk call it. Sanlitun is the place to go here - it's on the western side of the city, around the third ring road (Beijing has six ring roads that circle in and around the city, so it's always easy to say roughly where something is).

In any case, we had a blast.

Sanlitun has lots of little bars, and often those have short performances or a band playing. I've come to really like listening to music in Chinese (not the Chinese opera (not yet), but just regular pop music in Chinese). (Paul thinks I probably ate too many dumplings...)

One of the bars we went to was in The Opposite House, a truly gorgeous hotel. See the pictures below. (You will never be staying there, because if you come to Beijing, you are staying with us, right?)

I hope one day you all will make it to Sanlitun. :-)

The Opposite House.

A piece of modern art inside The Opposite House.

The bar inside The Opposite House. Great cocktails & good dancing!

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