Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We are in Yun Nan (云南)

We're in Yunnan! Yunnan (云南) is a large province in the southwest of China (see map). We flew here last Sunday (the 26th) and already have spent two lovely days in Yunnan's capital city Kunming.

Yunnan -- though of course I had never heard of it before coming to China -- is famous for its many ethnic minorities and beautiful landscapes. (Also, the temperature is a bit higher than in Beijing, which is lovely.)

Today, we are taking the express bus to Dali, where we'll stay a few days to explore the country side and connect (with our five words Mandarin) with the local population. After Dali, we'll be going on to Lijiang and Shangri-La, and then return home to Beijing.

I hope everywhere else in the world you are all having a lovely Christmas and New Years break. Try to stay warm and safe in the snow!

Hoofdpunten in het Nederlands: We zijn op vakantie in Yunnan, in het zuidwesten van China. In Yunnan wonen veel etnische minderheden die je in andere delen van het land niet ziet. Ook de natuur is prachtig en het is hier een beetje warmer dan in Beijing nu.

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