Thursday, November 24, 2011

Only in China

There are lots of things that might only happen in China (like, turning right from a left hand lane on a busy intersection) and one of them is having your children become fashion models.

As part of our cultural immersion (hehehe) we decided last Saturday to accept an invitation from a company called Paclantic to have Simon and Thomas show off some clothes for the Spring catalogue of the Chinese sports brand Lining.

Simon and Thomas -- and a bunch of other boys and girls -- changed into about 15 different sets of clothes. They posed on the beach and a street and on a basketball court and soccerfield. And that all inside a small studio on the third floor of an office building.

Make up.


The making of the beach.

Surf boys.

The road manager.

Street gang.

How is this supposed to work?

Oh, like this! (The photographer took the photo from up high looking down. Maybe it will eventually look like they are resting next to their bikes?)

"It's my 'hood'!"

Playing basketball. The court will have to be photoshopped in later.

And playing soccer. By the time the boys played soccer, the cameras had long been forgotten and they had a great match :-)

In het nederlands: Simon en Thomas hebben afgelopen weekend als model gewerkt voor het Chinese sportkledingmerk Lining. Het was leuk om een keer te doen en we zijn nu allemaal heel benieuwd naar de foto's die in de catalogus komen. Maar die zien we pas in maart 2012 -- zo gaat dat in de modewereld :-)

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  1. Wow, Anna! We had something vaguely similar in Indonesia 10 years ago but the Chinese are far above the much simpler version of what your kids are experiencing,