Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011: Chinese Brazilian American Dutch style

It may be well too late for Christmas pictures, but I did want to share a couple shots of our visit to St. Josephs Cathedral in downtown Beijing. Churches are just not that easy to come by here, so it was fun to soak up the atmosphere and bellow out a couple Christmas songs in English.

We did bring our passports again -- churches are not for the Chinese, see also my post from last year -- and after the service had a lovely Shanghai-style dinner at a nearby restaurant. Christmas Eve we'd already had a great meal at home, with friends and Brazilian food. A bit of a mix of cultures, which was fun.

St. Josephs Cathedral in Wangfujing

Use the side entrance to get in. The little blond boy in line is Thomas.

Don't take pictures in church!
-- During the service Thomas leans over to me and says: "Remember that we also did Jesus when we lived in America?" :)

Checking out the nativity scene after the service.

Desperate for Christmas dinner...

The bell boy (Simon) shows me the way to the bathroom.

Big questions: What kind of dumplings should we order?

Back in time: Christmas Eve dinner at home.

In het Nederlands: Vandaag wat late fotootjes van ons bezoek aan een kerk op 25 december.

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