Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Week in the Life of Thomas

Rumour has it that people have been waiting for an update from China. (Hallo ooms!)
Well, the last week it seems like all we have done is focus on Thomas. You might think I am a tiger mom, but I honestly had little to do with this boys' overscheduled life this week (other perhaps than giving birth to him 6 years ago.)
Here is his week in pictures.
Wednesday February 8
Thomas turns 6!
In the morning we open presents, including a package from grandma in the Netherlands.
Thomas' class gives him a book with drawings for his birthday. (Thomas is in the back with the checkered shirt.)
Birthday cakes at school.

We had cup cakes for everyone in Thomas' Kindergarten class.

At night, Paul is back from his trip in China and has more cake (and "rode kool") with the boys.

Grandpa and grandma are on Skype to wish Thomas a happy birthday.

The birthday boy shows his presents to tante Johanneke and grandpa and grandma.

100 days at school!

On Thursday, all the Kindergarten kids celebrate that they are exactly one hundered days at school. Everyone brings some artwork to illustrate the number "100."

Thomas and a friend in front of Thomas' one hundred days project: 100 silly faces. (It took me one hundred times of reminding Thomas that we still had to do his project :-)

Show of the "Greedy Triangle"

On Friday morning it was KG Assembly time, which meant that all the Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes gathered in the school's theater. And this  particular Friday, Thomas' class was the "host class," so they did a show for the other classes.

Thomas was a "greedy triangle" who wanted to "get one more side and one more angle," which for the mathmaticians among you means that he turned into a square (which was another kid), then a pentagon, hexagon, etc, until the greedy triangle had become a circle, but still was not very happy. You can check a self-help book to figure out how the circle became happy again.

Jedi Training

On Saturday morning Thomas' friends came to our house for his Star Wars birthday party. The kids were "younglings," who had to prove themselves worthy of becoming true Jedi's. (SPOILER ALERT: All the kids became Jedi.)

Two Jedi in the making.

The birthday celebration continues.

Another friend, anonymous, comes over for Thomas' birthday. They have so much in common!

Monday and Tuesday, we actually don't do very much--other than rehearsing the lines for Wednesday...

2nd Wednesday
KG Art Show

On the second Wednesday, a week after Thomas' birthday, it was time for the KG Art Show. All the Kindergarten kids presented their artwork -- painting, crafts, singing, and dance -- in a show for the parents. This is Thomas' self portrait. I wish I had a broccoli leg. (Or actually, considering my athletic abilities, perhaps I do have broccoli legs.)

In the entrance of the school was a display of the kids' art work. It was part of their exploration of "homes and buildings," which was the topic of a recent Unit of Inquiry. (The units of enquiry at the school are overarching topics that guide the curriculum, so science, math, reading, and art, are all related to the topic of the unit of inquiry.) 

Thomas' home. Kind of funky FEMA trailer.

After the visual arts, there was the performing art show with dance and singing. Thomas is in the top row, second from the left with a purple scarf.

2nd Thursday
Orange Day!

On Thursday, Thomas got an certificate for knowing all the "orange sight words," a small collection of words (back, just, much, like, then, and so on) that they are learning to read.

On Thursday evening, the Orange Day continued, with Thomas' kongfu class.

Together with a friend he performed the right sequence of steps and punches and got his orange belt in a mixed martial arts program.
So I hope you understand we were a little busy this week!
In het nederlands: Het was een drukke week voor Thomas! Vorige week woensdag werd hij zes en op donderdag was er feest op school omdat de Kindergarten klas precies 100 dagen op school was. Op vrijdag gaf Thomas' klas een voorstelling voor de andere Kindergarten klassen en op zaterdag was Thomas' kinderfeestje. Op zondag was er weer bezoek en de woensdag erop nog een voorstelling, deze keer een kunstvoorstelling voor de ouders. Tot slot haalde Thomas op donderdag zowel een oranje certificaat voor het lezen als een oranje band in zijn gemengde "martial arts" klasje. Pffew. Dit is geen normale week hoor - volgende week doen we het weer wat rustiger aan (hoop ik).

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