Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Recently there's been an overwhelming amount of posts on this blog that had something to do with Thomas. (Well, it happened to be his birthday in February, and then he had that crazy week with his art show and other activities.) So today I thought I would just post some homey pictures of Simon, the gege (哥哥 or big brother) in the house.

And if you ever feel my updates about Simon are lacking a bit, just check out the kids' own blog about his school work.

Walking our neighbors' dog at Shentang Yu Valley during a recent hike.

Playing soccer on a Saturday morning. (Before we moved to China I had this crazy idea that the boys would be playing soccer with Chinese kids. Instead, most of the kids' sports activities are run through a couple of expat-focused organizations. The soccer on Saturday is part of Sports Beijing. Chinese kids can certainly join in, but there is an overwhelming amount of blond kids running around...)

The new Koeman?

Insect art and proud artist.

Soccer art. The young artist himself credits his mom for his success. (Or so she would like to think!)

In het Nederlands: Vandaag wat fotootjes van Simon! Die is inmiddels ook al acht, en druk met school en sport. Voor z'n schoolwerk houdt hij ook z'n eigen blog bij.


  1. Anna - loving your updates on China and the family. Keep them coming! - Catie

  2. he die Simon! goede vorm in voetbal zie ik