Monday, November 26, 2012

A Wet Wild Wall

I heard some rumors that people were getting tired of looking at the red doors in my last blog post. True, both China and the U.S. have since moved on, with a new fearless leader, Mr. Xi Jinping, in charge of the world's second largest economy and most numerous population. (By the way, I love the story about him visiting Iowa in his late twenties.)

While I don't have any pictures of Mr. Xi, I do have a few photos of Paul and I and some friends at the Great Wall on a very rainy day recently. It's not much of a story, but at least it is something else to look at than those red doors...

It so rarely rains in Beijing, that we hadn't even prepared with the right clothing.

It's hard to even see the beautiful landscape.

A bit of "wild wall" near Mutianyu. The "wild" refers to the fact that this part has not been restored. You can see the tree growing in the middle of the wall!

The eighties' wet look is back.

This is the path we came through :-). The wild wall is not for the average tourist.

Slippery when wet.

One of the watch towers.

A final peak at the Fall colors, before we headed back cable car. It was the end of a wet adventure!

In het Nederlands: We hadden lekker "Hollands weer" toen we laatst met vrienden naar de Chinese Muur gingen. Het regent hier niet vaak, dus we waren niet echt goed voorbereid!

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