Friday, November 2, 2012

Shopping spree

Recently Paul and I went on a shopping spree. That is: We bought a random tie, some Halloween items, and a plate of noodles. I am sure you can't wait to see the pictures of our eventful half-day near the Hongqiao Pearl Market.

Size matters.


Chinese style tea cups.


Noodle man.


Super noodle soup.


Noodle woman.


Looking for a tie for Paul's Halloween outfit. I guess he only wears ties with Halloween!


Hongqiao, one of Beijing's indoor markets with a million stalls with clothes, accessories, (fake) pearls, and other miscellaneous items you are sure you don't need but can't resist to buy.


Street view in front of the Hongqiao market.

An important photo taken by Thomas.

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  1. Yes, my son Adam would vote for the lego photo as the best one.