Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer in the City I

Since coming back from the Netherlands in July, we've been nicely settling into the rhythm of things again. The last three weeks of their summer vacation, the boys went to a few soccer camps, jumped in the pool a lot, and (perhaps under some pressure from the parents) caught up with the sights in Beijing.

Thomas happy to be back on his own bike. (The tie is fake...). Simon participates in a Club Football Summer Clinic.

Blue skies above Beijing! While the kids play soccer I go for a run in the Beijing Olympic Forest Park. (Rio, here I come!)

These ladies make sure not to catch any rays of sun. I go from a country of umbrellas (the Netherlands) to a country of parasols. Thomas also gets his Club Football certificate. Football (soccer) was great, but according to Thomas he was "boiling hot."

We visit the Confucius Temple in the blistering sun. The only way to cool down is with a gigantic fruit smoothie. Turns out though that Confucius not only greatly influenced thinking and society in China, but also came up with the great, "Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself" ("Wat gij niet wilt dat U geschied, doe dat ook een ander niet") golden rule. Not bad for a guy from the 6th century BC.

A super cool bike and one happy child.

Dangerous animals in Beijing.

In het Nederlands: We zijn weer "thuis" en het alledaagse leventje begint. De jongens zijn alweer op school en--met deze blog post--blikken we nog even terug op de laatste weekjes van de zomervakantie. De foto's uit Nederland zitten nog op de memory card! :-)

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