Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer in the City II: Tuanjiehu Park

If you are not afraid of germs, one of the best things to do is visit a public pool in the middle of a public park, in the middle of the capital city of a country with 1,344,130,000 inhabitants. So we did. On one of those hot and steamy summer days, the boys and I went down to the water park in Tuanjiehu Park, along the third ring road of Beijing.

Well, even apart from the Russian roulette with a population of germs, this was an adventure. The boys played for hours and checked out all the ins and outs of the wave pool, the many slides, and water buckets.

Just like the real thing, right? We can pretty much see the office buildings where Paul is hard at work.

"You think you're alone now..."

Oops, the beach abruptly ends at the sidewalk.

Life guard on duty (?).

This picture (on the right) actually looks a bit like the opening scene of Gangnam Style ;-)  If only you could zoom out now...

On the way out, I watch these lovely ladies and men stretch their backs. Sometimes this country just seems made for senior citizens!

In het Nederlands: Een paar weken terug gingen we zwemmen in Tuanjiehu park. Misschien niet het schoonste zwembad ter wereld, maar wel een erg leuk park. 

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