Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Little Flower Projects in Beijing

Friends, I wrote this blog post in August but forgot to post! Please forgive your faithful reporter!

Does it look like I am catching up from some missed postings over the summer? I don't know what happens, but as soon as I land in a country where I can actually access Blogger without using a VPN to hop-scotch over the Chinese firewall, I immediately forget to get online and post something. we are, in August, and I have yet to report about a trip the boys and I took with another family to the Little Flower Projects' baby care home in the Gahood neighborhood, about 20 minutes away from my house.

I did want to write about it, just because it is such a special project.

It was the end of the school year and we went to deliver some funds Simon's fourth Grade class had decided to donate to this organization. Their choice had been to spend some class funds on something for the class, or to give it to others, and they chose to give it to the orphans at Little Flowers.

So, with warm hearts, some money, and four big packs of diapers (!) we walked towards the baby care home.

The home is not exactly an orphanage, but a temporary home for orphans from orphanages all across China who come to Beijing for specialized medical care.

The boys pose in front of the biggest collection of diapers I've ever seen. This place seems to revolve around diapers, laundry, and cute babies. (I don't have any pictures of any of the kids as that wasn't allowed.) The home was meticulously clean and clearly a well-run place. 

We left Little Flowers without diapers, but with happy thoughts.

In het Nederlands: Voor de zomervakantie (inmiddels dus al weer zo'n vijf maanden geleden) waren de jongens en ik even op bezoek bij een soort weeshuis om namens Simon's klas een donatie te brengen. In het tehuis zijn weeskinderen die naar Beijing komen voor medische behandelingen. Als ze klaar zijn met hun behandeling (althans, het Beijing gedeelte) gaan ze weer terug naar hun "eigen weeshuis" elders in het land, om daar hun behandeling voort te zetten en ook te wachten op adoptie.

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