Monday, April 27, 2015

Orange in Beijing

Today the Netherlands celebrates its Kingsday, or Koningsdag, a celebration of the birthday of King Willem-Alexander. In Beijing, we already celebrated his majesty's birthday with a big cake and games last Saturday.

Mini version of the "free market" (which is kind of a flea market where, in the Netherlands on Kingsday, everyone is allowed to sell goods without permit or paying taxes). Our flea market had a lot of used toys. (Usually, as a parent you are so happy to finally get rid of some old junk...only to realize that your kids just used all the money to buy more crap at the same market.)

Water games. OK, I should have walked closer for this picture, but I was busy being a referee at the famous "aardappelrace" (kind of an egg-and-spoon race, but then with potatoes, to stay true to the Dutch heritage.)

Time to relax...

Confucius pondering about the inner virtues of the flea market.
Same expression...across the ages?

In the end, this is what it is all about. (Dutch bitterballen, a rare treat in the Jing.)
Simon discovered that the Dutch national colors are also perfect for highlighting his favorite team: the Washington DC Capitals Ice Hockey Team. Thomas proudly wears his new T-shirt marking the 10th anniversary of "The Red Lion," the Dutch language school in Beijing.

More Thomas, in case you can't get enough of the crazy hair.
In het Nederlands: Veel plezier met Koningsdag allemaal! In Beijing hebben we het zaterdag al gevierd met wat activiteiten georganizeerd door de Nederlandse school.

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