Sunday, May 17, 2015

Conquer the Wall...One Step at a Time

Yesterday I again set out with some friends to "Conquer the Wall," as the organizers of the Great Wall Marathon call it. It was a fantastic day. The sky was blue, the Wall was crooked, and the steps were many!

Last year--when I ran it for the first time--I was a bit in shell shock for running my first half-marathon, but this year I knew what was coming and was more mellow about the whole heavy-climbing and running experience. One of the best parts is seeing so many people from all over the world come to China for the marathon.

The team in pink was a group of senior citizens from Japan. The black number shows they are doing the marathon--a grueling experience that takes you twice up and down the Wall. I guess their elderly home decided to step up the exercise routine!
This is where we (half-marathon runners) will come down the Wall after the first 7 or so kilometers (and where the marathon runners come down and later...go up!)

Before take off...

During the run...
Great views all around.

...and at the end! It was a great feeling to "just be done with it" ;)

Partners in crime.
At the finish line, one guy (not someone I know) proposed to his girlfriend after 6 hours of running in the marathon. I guess he realized she was up for any challenge that day...
More happy faces afterwards...
Incredible blue sky.

The results. I had to take a picture because--excuse the bragging--I made it onto page 1 of the results for females. hahaha--that's pretty good I thought! Glad they didn't use tiny notecards for the results.

In het Nederlands: Gisteren was het weer tijd voor de halve marathon op de Chinese Muur. heeft er ook een filmje over. Nu ik hem voor de tweede keer rende had ik er nog meer lol in dan vorig jaar, ook al (of misschien juist omdat) ik nu wist wat me te wachten stond.  Het is soms moeilijk te genieten van het prachtige uitzicht als je vermoeide benen nog weer een trap op moeten, maar toch is het --vooral als het allemaal voorbij is-- een super marathon. ;)  

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