Saturday, June 19, 2010


Today was MOVING DAY. There is no other way to write this than with capital letters. The movers came around 10am this morning, and like a pack of blue ants they worked their way through the house, carefully wrapping and packing everything in their way.

We're not moving everything to Beijing. Some of it is going into storage, and some will still be sold or given away. It's so nice though, to "start over" and only ship the things you really want and need. (Or at least I hope that is what we shipped.)

The container -- a twenty-foot container-- was huge though. When it showed up on the back of a truck this morning Paul and I realized how much more we could have taken. So in the moment we decided to bring our bed and mattrass after all, as well as closet in the office, which I really like.

The day actually unfolded pretty uneventful. I got up early to finish cleaning off some muffin trays (oven trays for making muffins)and then continued folding the last bit of laundry that had to go, make breakfast for the boys, make lunch for Simon, and then take both to their respective schools. When the movers showed up, I finished a few final things that had to be sorted out, and took some pictures of the whole event. The only moment of stress then came of course when all of the sudden I couldn't find my camera anymore. I was so worried it had been shipped off! But luckiliy, I had put it in a super secure spot. I only had forgotten about it... (nice.)

By the way, with all this crazyness, I forgot to tell you we now have a new car. The two SAABs are gone (one was picked up today, the other we keep till we leave, but it is already sold). Last week, after much looking, we bought a Volvo CX70. We looked at Japanese cars for a long time -- thinking we could get the parts in China -- and then ended up with a Volvo. Oh well.

Around 3pm today -- with the movers still in the house -- I went to pick up Simon and then on to Thomas' party. He had an end-of-year party in his classroom, which was also a goodbye party for him and a few other frients leaving the school. When we came back around 6pm, the truck was still here! It was good though I thought for the boys to see their toys all gone and the guys putting all their things (with "Simon room" and "Thomas room" written on the boxes) into the truck. (And did I mention how huge that container was? Our stuff seemed to be floating).

Yawn... now I am actually falling asleep. I guess it was a pretty long day.

Next up: Goodbye party.

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