Friday, June 18, 2010

Prohibited items

The movers are coming tomorrow to pack up our things for China. (They will come back next week to pack up the things that go into storage.) We're shipping mostly clothes, toys, household goods, and small items of furniture. What we're not shipping? See below for a list of prohibited items for shipping to Beijing. Most items are not really a surprise of course, but do take a close look.

Prohibited items
With immediate effect, the following prohibited items are NOT ALLOWED at all in the sea or air shipment for Beijing:

• Arms, Weapons & Explosives
• Poisons or illegal drugs
• Wine / Alcohol
• All kinds of Food
• Printed/recorded material deemed detrimental to the political, economic, cultural, or moral atmosphere in China (including all pornographic materials)
• Overlarge office items, such as large photocopier machine, those are not considered for
a family use.
• Maps (where the Chinese border is not in accordance with Chinese law)
• All kinds of equipment/tool associated with gambling (such as poker cards, chips, etc)
• Endangered and rare animals and their products, such as ivory
• Counterfeit currencies
• Motorcycles
• Any other items that are determined by the Beijing Customs to be of non-personal or nonfamily usage.

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