Thursday, October 18, 2012

Olympic Sailing

The Olympic games in London might be history, but just last week we were still celebrating the Beijing Olympics of 2008. Simon had a birthday party in the middle of Beijing's Olympic rowing park, about 30 minutes north of our house.

The kids got to sail and kayak for a couple hours, and the parents enjoyed the pretty park and amazing view. It was a clear day and we could even see the mountains in the distance.

As if it were yesterday!

Boats at the Aofan sailing club.

Some basic sailing instructions...

Time for action.

At least they will be safe.


Paul and Simon set out for some Olympic level kayaking on the official 2500 meter rowing course.

Hurrah for birthday cake!

In case you can't remember where you live.

It was a great party and a looooong day. At night, the boys didn't even make it to their beds.

In het Nederlands: Afgelopen zaterdag had Simon een verjaardagsfeestje by de Olympische roeibaan van 2008. Ze mochten lekker een paar uurtjes zeilen (onder begeleiding) en kayaken (meteen in de hoek gewaaid). Het was superleuk... en lekker vermoeiend.

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