Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hutong bike ride

On October 1st, China's National Day, we biked around our neighborhood. I apologize for the "Blair Witch Project" kind of camera work, but with one hand on the iPhone, one hand on the steering wheel, one eye on Thomas, and one eye on the traffic, I couldn't do any better. The clip is just under a minute, but should give you a bit of a sense of the street life here. Now, if only I could also send you the street smells! :-)

In het Nederlands: Een rondje om de kerk. Nou ja, er is geen kerk hier, maar afgelopen maandag, op China's nationale feestdag, fietsten we een klein rondje door de buurt. Nu ik het clipje weer zie denk ik eigenlijk dat de geluiden nog meer zeggen dan de beelden!


  1. Hi Anna, I was in China only once, in 1982, and only was able to visit Guangdung Province. There were literally no cars on the road; the occasional military truck but otherwise only a blizzard of bicyclists. I was astonished at the massed crowds of bicyclists. You had to be very aware or you could be run down since even masses of bikes don't create that much noise.

    I'm surprised at the look of your neighborhood. It looks more like a small provincial Javanese neighborhood from your film. But it's great that the little guys are on bikes (yay Dutch people) and they appear to be pretty bike savvy.

    Since you've gone away (still much grieved around here :), bike commuting has simply exploded in DC. The city has the second largest number of walkers/bikers commuters in the country (after NY, of course).

  2. cool movie! you know, i can tell that you clicked youtube's "remove shaking camera" feature. it makes things so smooth but introduces just slight odd distortions to the video, you know? anyway, fun stuff!