Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy and the Chicken

Last night we were watching the news coverage about superstorm Sandy battering the East Coast of the United States. A monumental event, almost as serious as the fact that I can't read anything on the remote control of our TV.
And in other important news: This morning, on the way to the school bus, I spotted this chicken across the street. I didn't realize we were neighbors! Tomorrow I am going to look for the egg.

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  1. When I lived in Indonesia, I raised about 5 chickens (they came and went) at a time. They actually had personalities, much to my surprise.

    So the end of the US Presidential campaign has featured an October Surprise: Climate Change and Superstorms, this one called called "Sandy", which is short for Cassandra, the Greek princess (daughter of Priam of Troy) who predicted the future. And so she is a true harbinger for the climate-impacted future.

    Meanwhile, I hope you figure out your TV remote. Mine is also sometimes puzzling.