Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Wow, time flies when you are having fun! I was just looking at this older blog post about fireworks in February 2011, and here we are again: Fireworks in February 2013!

The kids are bigger, the fireworks better, but mom's nervousness pretty much the same! :-). These are some pictures from last Saturday, all taken just outside our little compound (neighborhood), on the main road. 

The character on the right, he, means congratulations (at least according to my very handy Pleco iPhone app.)

Boom! - A lot of the fireworks here are in nifty boxes. You light them once and they just keep going for a while.

The audience (left) and some scientists (right) measuring particle pollution from the fireworks. (Wow, who invited them to the party?)

The very second we were done, this man came to pick up all our empty boxes. In just a minute, half of the "trash" had been cleaned up!

In het Nederlands: Zaterdagavond was het lekker vuurwerk afsteken. Op 31 december gebeurt er in Beijing niet veel op dat gebied, dus we vinden het leuk om dan het toch zeker een avond tijdens het Chinees Nieuwjaar goed aan te pakken. Boem, boem, Tsssssss. De jongens (alle drie) vinden het in elk geval altijd erg leuk!

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