Friday, February 1, 2013

Red Hot and Beautiful

Earlier this week I was in large department shore, and I just want to show you what the New Years section looks like:

There are red products everywhere! In just another week, on Saturday February 9, the Chinese calendar will turn a leaf and we'll be in the Year of the Snake. Wearing red will bring good luck.

Red bras and red fish.

Some more fish and little red envelopes used to hand out hongbao's (literally, red bags) with money as a good luck gift for friends.

Candy world.

Should I be wearing this?

In my backyard, winter has set in again. My little red lanterns bring in just a little bit of color!

In het Nederlands: Het Chinese nieuwe jaar begint volgende week zaterdag. Dat betekent veel vuurwerk en veel rode spullen: zakjes, BH's, kaarten, lampionnetjes, noem maar op. Alles is feestelijk rood want dat brengt geluk!

1 comment:

  1. To answer your question, I think you would look gorgeous in one of those red bras. And holding a red fish too.

    Looks like you've had about as much snow as we have had.

    Happy Chinese New Year!