Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hockey Night in Beijing

Friday night was HNIB--Hockey Night In Beijing! So while I should have been eating pasta or sleeping to prepare for the Great Wall run the next day, I was in my shorts at an ice hockey rink.
Truth be told: I only stayed for the opening minutes to see a little bit of the action and--most importantly--my neighbors' (American) kids bringing the American team on the ice.
The two kids with the red Capital shirts and American flags are the neighbors' kids. The guys in white zooming around the rink are "Team America." I am really sorry-- the video is "Blair Witch Project" quality, but the soundtrack--us screaming--is awesome, if I may yell so myself.
Team "World" is not impressed by the Americans. After the national anthem for the Americans, the big question was: What is the global anthem for Team World?  (.... We are the World, We are the Children...?)
The crowd went wild!
Team America
Another crappy picture. But this crappy one is official!
I don't have a picture of myself...focused as I was on the game. But I was wearing shorts and a thin shirt, so after 10 minutes of the game I had to leave the Americans and the World to fend for themselves; it was time to go home, eat pasta, and rest!
In het Nederlands: Vrijdagavond was het "Hockey Night In Beijing". Simon en Thomas spelen (leren) al een tijdje ijshockey op een baan vlakbij, en vrijdag was daar een goeie "Amerika tegen de Wereld" wedstrijd om het ijshockey in Beijing te promoten. Het was misschien geen Verizon Center in Washington DC (waar we vroeger vaak zaten) maar toch erg leuk. Stervenskoud was het er ook. Ik was eigenlijk niet van plan te gaan--maar wou toch even kijken--en na 10 minuten in de kou in een korte broek ben ik ook maar naar huis gegaan. Lekker slapen om de volgende dag naar de Muur te gaan...

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