Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodbye Parties

Luckily this post does not mean: "goodbye to parties", but rather that I am suddenly finding myself in the middle of series of goodbye "celebrations" related to our upcoming move.

Our house is not even packed or rented out (aargh!, but it is work in progress) and I already had two goodbye parties. This coming week is my last week at work, so last week Saturday I went over to my boss' house for a great dinner with colleagues (and some of their dogs), and last Thursday we had a good happy hour with everyone working on my project. (For this project, I have been working closely with another company, so this was a whole other set up colleagues and friends). Next week Saturday a Church friend will host a party at her pool, and on Monday we go over to our friends just up the street here, for another goodbye event with neighbours. Oh, and last Tuesday we had a goodbye dinner with our next-door neighbor on the left. I guess this means it is all becoming real!

P.S. We're not gone yet. We don't have a ticket, but are looking at flying to the Netherlands sometime late June, after June 20. Stay tuned - I'll let you know when I know more :-) .

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