Sunday, May 30, 2010

Side effect: Feeling rejected!

Renting out your house and trying to sell some of your belongings leads to a really weird situation: That some people might actually reject the things you like.

For example: I love our house. It has enough rooms for kids and cats, nice colors, and lots of sunlight. So what if the kitchen is old , the windows leak, and the road is a bit busy? But our rental company told us to fix the window and make some other changes throughout the house to get it ready for the renters. And I understand that. But what about the people who walk into your house to see if they might rent it, and then just zip through it and leave. I can they not like my house?

Today I was rejected again when someone came to look at a sofa. They looked at it for 30 seconds and then decided they did not want it because it had too many spots! That sofa has been great for us for three years - nice and good, pretty and all. I never noticed the spots! The weird thing was though that their rejection of the sofa really made me feel bad. As if somehow the things in my house are not as nice as I have always thought they were. So somehow I felt rejected... and then I also felt bad about wasting their time to come look at an old sofa. That's a lot of negative emotions for just one effort to try to sell the sofa!

The rest of today was a lot of fun though. We learned George indeed will have a new home with friends of friends. We had a goodbye party with friends at a swimming pool. And we packed some boxes and delivered lots of things to Good Will (een soort Leger des Heils), which really helped clean up the house.

Everyone is off to bed now - Simon and Thomas fell asleep right after swimming, and Paul and our friend Randy are now also off to bed. I am outside (on wireless!), enjoying a nice evening in Washington. Good night!

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