Sunday, May 9, 2010

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This week it seemed a lot of things (finally) moved forward. For the longest time, people have been asking me if we're getting ready for our move, and I never know quite what to say. Answering "no" would suggest I am sort of stupid, or at least in denial. "Yes" would be a bit strongly put, considering the slow pace at which our preparations are unfolding.

But this week, a few things made a little jump forward:
  • On the school and health front, Thomas and Simon had their test for tuberculosis, a test that had been required by their new school. The doc's office also completed their health forms, so I was able to send a final package of electronic documents over to the Western Academy of Beijing. When we get to Beijing, they'll need one more vaccination, but for now they are done.
  • I entered my last month of work at IRG. May 31 will be my last day at International Resources Group.
  • Paul is in Beijing and has done more house hunting. We kind of know what neighborhood we want and so are patiently waiting for a good house. If we don't have something exactly on August 1, we will stay in a furnished apartment building, which will not be bad because it might take about 2 months for our belongings from DC to arrive in Beijing. (Apparently the World Expo in Shanghai is causing shipping to take a bit longer than usual.)
  • Today someone came to look at our house to possibly rent it.
  • Tomorrow, someone else is coming to see if they want to buy our car. (One of our cars, I have to sheepishly admit. The other one is sitting unused in a side street, but that is another story.)
  • And earlier this week, I signed up for a service to stop the junk mail (the unaddressed or unwanted mail) that we're getting. I should have done that years ago.

Meanwhile, I am still working, playing soccer with the kids (never enough according to Simon), and hanging out with some friends (Hi Lisa!). The weather in DC was wonderful today, blue sky, warm air, nice breeze. Yeah for Spring in DC!

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